St. Pauli Ladies Aid Beginning History 1886

1886 In March, a small earnest group of women met at the Mads Fiksdal home to discuss starting a Ladies Aid. The purpose of the new “aid” was to help build and furnish the church.

Wheatland Ladies Aid

  • Ingeranna Fiksdal
  • Margrethe Fosse
  • Guri Langeland
  • Mrs. Langland (President)
  • Ingeberg Stormo

Their earliest method of securing money was by making garments. The women were busy sewing or knitting at each meeting. Goods were purchased by the yard. Garments were cut out and each one took material home to sew. Every summer or fall a bazaar was held and the money turned over to the church.

The ladies came to the meetings by whatever means they could, lumber wagon, even drawn by oxen was not an uncommon sight. If they were within three to four miles, they walked. As they walked, they continued to knit, so no time was wasted.

1887 At the Syttende Mai Festival, held on May 17, at the Ustrud School, Pastor Nielson suggested that the Ladies from South of the church start another “Aid” as the distance between those up North and those on the South was too great for them to get together (considering the means of transportation in those days).

A group of women met at the Halvor Okland home on June 2 and the St. Pauli Ladies Aid was established.

St. Pauli Ladies Aid Charter Members

  • Mrs. Anton Haugen
  • Mrs. E.T. Hegna
  • Mrs. Andreas Hogstad
  • Mrs. Andreas Kinstad
  • Mrs. Halvor Okland
  • Mrs. Okland (President)
  • Mrs. Andreas Stuverud
  • Mrs. Hans Ustrud
  • Mrs. Hans Wibeto