St. Pauli Congregation History: 1976 – 2017

1976 The congregation dissolved. A Cemetery Association was formed to insure upkeep of the grounds. An annual meeting is held each Saturday before Memorial Day.

1977 – 2008 Church services were held every other year at the time of the annual meeting.

1991 It was determined that the church steeple could no longer be kept structurally safe without extensive repair. The Cemetery Association voted to remove the steeple and place on a mount as it now stands. Cost was approximately $10,000.

2006 The church was painted by over and above contributions from 37 members of the Cemetery Association; cost was approximately $5000. No cemetery association funds were used.

2008 The last service was held.

2010 The church basement started to crumble.

2013 The church donated items from inside the church and a silent auction was held in May.

2014 The last Cemetery Association meeting was held at the church in May. The St. Pauli Church was moved from this site to Webster, South Dakota on November 13. The church steeple remains on the current site.

2017 The St. Pauli Cemetery Association Board had the steeple and fence painted. The board determined a website would be one way to preserve the heritage of the St. Pauli Congregation.