St. Pauli Congregation History: 1881 – 1889

1881 – 1882 The St. Pauli congregation was located where the Northwest corner of Codington County and the Northeast corner of Clark County join Day County. The majority of the settlers were of Norwegian descent.

The first Norwegian pastor to visit the settlement was Reverend Skjorven.

1883 Nine men, (Lovering, Stuverud, Markrud, Stromme, Ustrud, two (2) Wibetos and two (2) Aabys) under the guidance of Reverend Nielson organized the St. Pauli Norwegian-Lutheran-Evangelical Congregation on April 3rd. Andreas Nielson became the first pastor.

During the early years the services were held in family dwellings. The school house by the Ustrud farm was also used for services.

1886 Wheatland Ladies Aid (Wheatland Township) was organized with the primary object of raising money for a church building.

1887 St. Pauli Ladies Aid was organized.

1888 – 1889 Many meetings were held to settle a bitter controversy regarding where the church should be built. During the summer of 1889 a subscription was taken for a church building. On November 5, 1889, a two thirds majority agreed to construct the church on the site where it stood until 2014. Eleven families to the East and three families to the West withdrew from the church on that day.